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Indecent Representation to Women


According to Random House Dictionary, the word ‘decency’ means “the state or quality of being decent, conformity to the recognised standard of propriety, modesty, etc”.

Decency varies from place to place, person to person as what is decent to one may not be the same to the other.

With the progress of the society and change in the lifestyle of the people , standard of propriety etc. keep on changing. What is termed as decent today, was not so a few years back. So with the passage of time, the meaning of decency changes, the degree of morality and decency also takes a new look.

In a traditional society expose of women through advertising, painting, publications or otherwise was not accepted but today it has become a fashion

The 21st century is known as the age of the information and scientific development.

The behaviour of market has changed and in order to attract the customers towards their products the manufactures are using various methods to advertise their products. With the progress of electronics media it has become much easier to reach millions of people and to the area which were once beyond the reach of the advertising groups. So to capture the minds of the people, women are being used as best medium to project their products in a big way.

This is rising and growing in a multi dimensional ways thereby denigrating women and are considered to be derogatory. It is difficult to judge the intention of the manufacturers , these advertisements, posters, paintings and publications in both print and electronic media effectively creates a corrupt and evil sense in the minds of the people.

Therefore, to restrict all these prohibit indecent representation of women a specific legislation, namely “Indecent Representation of (Women Prohibition) Act, 1986″ was enacted.


In order to sensitize the police officers at the ground level towards offences against women, CID, Crime Branch compiled a Compendium on Crime against Women. The Compendium contains the following:

1. Recent amendment of IPC/Cr.P.C.

2. CB Circular No.12/2012 regarding implementation of “Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012”

3. Police Circular Order 338/2013 pertaining to prompt investigation and prosecution of crime against women.

4. Police Circular Order 343/2013 regarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) pertaining to prompt investigation and prosecution of crime against women

Necessary instructions regarding Prompt investigation and submission of charge sheet within sixty days and extension of time in exceptional and specific cases have been mentioned in the SOP.

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