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Name of the Officers & Men of IAHTU with Contact Numbers & Photographs.

Sl No. Rank Name Contact Details Photograph
1 Dy.S.P Saubhagyalaxmi Pattnaik, OPS 9437450370

IAHTU (Integrated Anti Human Trafficking Unit)

IAHTU functioned at District Police office,Angul being shifted from the office of DIG of Police NCR,Talcher vide G.O.F.D notification No. 929/CHR, Dt.07.01.2015 and CID,CB letter No. 1217/CID-IAHTU, dt.15.01.2015.

Functions of IAHTU

  • Timely collection, dissemination & utilization of intelligence regarding persons.
  • Diligent rescue operation (The aim should be the rescue of maximum No. of Trafficked person.)
  • Attend to Post rescue care & Rehabilitation of rescued victims by involving Govt. Agencies & NGOs.
  • Investigation of cases relating to trafficking & kidnapping of minor Childs & bring all offender to book.
  • Ensure effective prosecution and strive for maximum and expeditious conviction of offenders.
  • Ensure all posts prosecution/conviction action as per law.
  • Initiate action for restoration & rehabilitation of victims with the consultation with concerned authorities& NGOs.
  • To keep vigil at transit area such as Railway station, Bus Stop etc to stop trafficked victims.
  • To keep liaison with NGOs, Civil Society, Corporates & other willing agencies for effective rehabilitation of victims.
  • Maintain linkages with media subject to administrative guidelines in the states so as to ensure non victimization of victims as well as rights oriented reporting.
  • Any other activities as deemed necessary in preventing Human Trafficking.

Trafficking in woman and children for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. Commercial exploitation of woman and children takes place in various forms including brothel-based prostitution ,sex tourism ,entertainment industry and pornography in print and electric media. The main aim of IAHTU for combating trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation including labour exploitation.

Human trafficking is a multi-dimensional problem encompassing a whole range of commercial, social and cultural issue which are varied and complex. Most of the victims are lured with promises of job, better career prospects and marriage. Some are inducted forcible through abduction, poverty and deprivation, secondary status accorded to women in society, prejudice against the child, weakening of the family structure, changing public attitude towards sex and morality. The caste structure, urbanisation, recurrent disaster &such as floods and labour exploitation of women and children.

Trafficking of women and children results in serious violation of human right. It leads to very adverse physical, psychological and moral consequences for the victims, which are serious, lifelong and also life threatening. About 60-70 victims suffer from more than one diseases including sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. The rescued victims are invariably penniless, physically ill and psychologically broken. It is an organised crime involving multiple abuses and abusers. Human trafficking is a matter of serious concern in cases of sexual exploitation as well as those of forced/labour exploitation.

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