Angul Police

Traffic Arrangement


No. Entry Time:- The restriction of heavy vehicles  is imposed at three entry points i.e. at HulursinghaChhak, Razz, Hotel Chhak and Kumanda Bhandubar from 6.00AM to 8.00PM as per the order of District Magistrate, Angul. All the points have been guarded by HGs.


NH-55 and SH-63 pass across Angul town. The entire traffic arrangement centers around diversion of traffic on NH, SH and feeder routes. Traffic arrangement is also made to avoid congestion at different places like markets, offices, etc.  

For smooth flow of vehicular traffic, one way traffic is introduced in Angul town during different festivals.

(a)   All vehicles coming from Cuttack side is diverted from P.T.C.  crossing (Raj Hotel) which will come again to NH-55 at Harimahuri crossing via. Ranger’sTraining College, Circuit House crossing, B.Ed College crossing, Kamala firm crossing etc and proceed towards Sambalpur via. Hulursingha chhak.

(b) The passenger Buses coming from Cuttack side  come to Bus Stand, being diverted from Circuit House crossing via. P.S. Chowk and will go back on the same way to NH-55 via. P.S. Chowk, Circuit House crossing, Kamala firm crossing, Harimohuri Chowk and Hulursingha towards Sambalpur.

(c) All vehicles coming from Sambalpur side on NH-55 is diverted from Hulursingha crossing through Gandhi Marg and will come to NH-55 at P.T.C. crossing via. Gandhi Marg, Hemasurpada chhak, Similipada Chhak.

(d)  The passengers Buses coming from Sambalpur side come to Bus Stand being diverted from Panchayat Industry Chowk, NAC crossing and return on the same route via. NAC crossing, Mission Bunglow Chowk, Amalapada, Similipada and will come to NH-55 at PTC crossing (Raj Hotel).

(e)  All vehicles coming from Chhendipada side take the diversion road as above.

(f)  The vehicles coming from Hindol side, also take the diversion road as mentioned above.

(g)  Under no circumstance any four wheeler / motor cycle / cycle will be allowed from Bus Stand to Harimahuri chhak and from Old Information Center to Bazar chowk from 04 P.M. to 12 midnight.

Thus the traffic arrangement has been made under 3 heads depending upon nature of duty   and regulation of traffic i.e 1. Diversion, 2. Regulation & 3. Parking.

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