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Private Security Agency

A private security agency is a privately owned organization that provides security services to other organizations or individuals. Such agencies mainly supply electronic surveillance equipments, security guards and private bodyguards.

Private Security Agencies is quite old, going back to the origins of human civilization. Security agencies play an important role in society, they make a different by helping people corporate in a set and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper. Due to rapid industrialization and functioning of coal mines there influx of different companiesto set up different business establishment and require private security agencies for the safety and security of their business establishment.

Some private security organizations working in Angul.

  1. Superior fire & Security service Pvt. Ltd. Functioning at Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. At Nisa, Angul having head office, Jhakhand, applied for license to Home, SPL section department Govt. of Odisha vide letter No. SFSS/02/12 dt. 08.05.12, contact No. 9777444833
  1. GS power Security services, office at Sapuisahi, Chhendipada, area of operation- JSPL, Angul, License No. 459/03.11.2007, Contact No. 9438008554
  2. Orion (P) Ltd., office at plot No. 2501/3500, near utkal Vatika, jharpada, bajarangnagar, Bhubaneswar, Area of operation- JSPL, Angul, license No. 474920DL2010PCT203955, contact No. 9040050744
  3. Raxak intelligence and security protection Pvt. Ltd., office at B/6, Puja Estate Vitthel, Udyog Nagar, Dist- Ananda, Gujrat,388121, ara of operation- JSPL, Angul, license No.1312074/Second/ Anandadt. 17.12.2013, Contact No. 9938463715
  4. Safety security services, office at Khalari, Angul, area of operation JSPL, Angul, License No.ii627/dt. 01.01.13, Contact No. 7752021100
  5. Spy tech security services, office at JarasinghaAngul, area of operation- JSPL, Angul,License No. 494/2006, Contact No. 9937979556
  6. BSBK International security (ISO), office at 174 park, Kolkota (WB), area of operation- JSDPL, Angul, license No. – 306118005735/2014-15, Contact No. 8420196549
  7. Adwik security services, office at 995/8E Calcutta (WB), area of operation- JSPL, Angul, License No. Under PSAR ACT/WB/PSA2010, Contact No. 03340015894
  8. Nisa Agency, office at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, area of operation- JSPL, Angul, license No.  U74999/MS/1992, Contact No. 9778491201
  9. Falcon internal forces and fire services Pvt. Ltd, office at MPCL, Malibrahmani, Nisa, Angul, area of operation- Monet Power Ltd., Angul, Under registration No. CIN No. U74920CT2012PTC000616 and license No. 800/2013 issued by DLO, Angul, Contact No. 7894445346
  10. ISS-1 Pvt. Ltd. Office at 43 road No. 14 Hyderabad, 500432, Andhra Pradesh, local office- Amalapada, Angul,area of operation- Nalco, License No. l/91/2011 dt. 30.03.11
  11. ISAS Pvt. Ltd., head office at F3F5 Indradhanu market, IRC village, Bhubaneswar, local office at Nalco town ship, Angul, license No. L1102/2012, area of operation- Nalco township area (Smelter plant & power complex)
  12. Sarat Ch Rout security agency, head office at E35HA321 AWHO Padmapanivihar, Niladrivihar, Bhubaneswar-21, local office at G.M office HingulaArea,P.S- Vikrampur, license 128/2013 dt. 11.06.2013, area of operation- Kalinga township area
  13. Red Bull security services, head office at Jay Durga Nagar cuttack road, Bhubaneswar-751006, local office at Deulabeda, P.S- colliery, license No. NCL/HQR/AB Security 2012P2212, area of function- Nandira Colliery
  14. BijayanandaPattanaik security agency, head office at 20/IRC village Bhubaneswar-15, local office at Bharatpur, P.S- Vikrampur, license No. L-2777 dt. 10.09.2012, area of operation- N.S nagarBharatput
  15. Odisha security and Allied service, head office at M/s Subha Chandra Das, plot No. 101, Niladrivihar Bhubaneswar, local office at Deulabeda Colliery, license No. 2642 dt. 09.05.2012, area of functioning- Central; Workshop
  16. M/s Proactive and detective Security service, head office at Kamalpur, Mangala lane, sankarpur cuttack-12, local office at FCI township, Vikrampur, area of operation- FCI township
  17. Red Dragon Security, head office at CP-24, Niladri vihar-21, local office at FCI plant, Vikrampur, area of functioning FCI plant
  18. Comfort Security & Allied Service, head office at plot No. 1, A/20 IRC village, Bhubaneswar-751015, local office inside Heavy water coolly, Vikramur, license No. 320/11.11.2011, area of operation- Heavy water colony.
  19. M/s G4S security solutions India Pvt. Ltd., branch office at Jodabora, Jajpur, head office at Salt lake Kolkota (WB), license No. 17 dt. 19.11.11 valid up to 18.11.2016, area of operation M/s Bindol Sponge Ltd. At Sunakhani, Talcher
  20. Nepam Security services, head office at VIIM, 100 SailashreeVihar, Bhubaneswar, license No. 110/2013 dt. 29.05.13 valid up to 26.05.15, area of operation- Lingaraj OCP, Talcher
  21. M/s Sky Line Security Services, head office at B-159, BDA Duplex housing board colony, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, License No. 261 dt. 27.05.2011 valid up to 07.06.15, area of operation- Bhubaneswar OCP, MCL, Talcher
  22. M/s Global Surakhya Group security Pvt. Ltyd., head office at A-149 basement Sibalik, New Delhi-110017, license No. 196 dt. 16.06.2011 valid up to 15.06.2016, area of operation-JITPL, Deranga
  23. M/s Morpheus Security Pvt. Ltd., head office at 1st floor Anapurnaenclave , phase 01. Saidulajab EXT, Saket, New Delhi-110030, license No, U65999DL2007PTC163543 dt. 15.05.2007, area of functioning-JITPL Deranga
  24. M/s Panther Security Services, head office at J-147, Sector-10, Faridabad-121005, New Delhi, License No. 35 dt. 30.12.2013, area of functioning- JITPL, Deranga
  25. Talcher Frontier Security Service, head office at Delhi, local office at Balaosre, area of functioning Balaram OCP, contact No. 09910034466
  26. Hingula Security Services , head office at Baghuabol, Talcher, area of functioning- OPCL, Samal , license No. 24/1993
The Private Security Agencies(Regulation) Act-2005.
The Orissa Private Security Agencies Rules-2009
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